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Bangkok for the romantics


Thailand is one of the world’s top destinations for honeymooners, and today we’re going to give you a little inspiration to spark the romantic in every reader who visits the nation’s capital.

Bangkok for the romantics

The glittering architecture of Bangkok, alongside the stunning boutique hotels, and sky-high bars and restaurants give every couple a thousand and one different ways to enjoy their quality time in the city. Whether you want to be pampered or relax in luxurious living, many couples choose to spend a couple of nights of glam after their idyllic trip to the islands. If you’re looking for a taste of the exotic, here’s what you need to know to add a little flavor to your romantic getaway.

Where to stay

Bangkok really is a cosmopolitan hub of glamorous living. You have plenty of choices when it comes to amazing hotels, and the cream of the crop is definitely the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Here you can relax in the colonial decor, right by the river. Another exclusive is the Banyan Tree, where chic contemporary design meets the modern day Thai-style, to create an atmosphere that is simply unique. Anyone seeking a tad more intimacy, try the boutique Eugenia, and enjoy the converted colonial-styled house that just screams class, or enjoy views from one of just handful of rooms out over Wat Arun, from the eclectic hotel Sala Arun.

Take it to the spa

When you’re wanting to up the romance the first step is to get in harmony with your loved one and the best way to do this is with a spa treatment. There are literally hundreds of options for a relaxing spa that will leave you feeling pampered and reconnected. Many spa’s offer couples private rooms which gives you space to unwind between treatments, as you enjoy the calming lighting, soothing tones and fragrant aromatherapy. The trick is to look for a soothing oil massage instead of the potentially painful traditional Thai massage, and with body scrubs, wraps, facials and manicures, there’s no end to the ways you can relax. And an insider tip, always ask about special promotions for couples, usually there will be a discounted rate.

To take your day spa to the ultra-luxurious, there are many high-end options available. CHI is fantastic, or you could also try The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, the hot herbal balls at Asia Herb Association, or just soak up the tranquil surrounds of Face Spa. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, why not try the traditional Japanese hot springs at Yunomori Olsen.

Seeing a flick

A night out at the movies in Bangkok doesn’t need to be a typical experience, there are many extravagant additions you can buy that make enjoying the latest blockbuster a quality date night. VIP service in particular cinema’s offers a waiter service to bring you snacks, drinks and even cocktails, all from the comfort of your own remote controlled recliners. If you’re looking for a 5 star level of service, try the Embassy Diplomat services at Central Embassy, you can sink into a comfortable recliner, and they’ll even bring you pillows and a cover. In Central World you can also try the First Class section in SF Cinema, while enjoying canap├ęs before the film and a never-ending supply of popcorn and soft drink, and of course alcoholic beverages are available too. Next door, the Paragon Cineplex offers Enigma, again with the seat-side service, but what I like best about this cinema is that all the seats have been replaced with sofa’s, so you feel like you’re watching the movie in the comfort of your own home.

Grabbing a drink

You have an almost endless selection of bars in Bangkok to add a little spark to an evening, and give you an excuse to dress up for a night on the town. Nothing screams romance more than red, and if you’re wanting to impress that special someone take them to the RedSky Bar at Centara Grand, and you’ll set their head spinning. Lounging 55 floors above the streets, sit back and enjoy the uninterrupted 360 degree panorama of the city.

Next, step into the surreal world that is Iron Fairies, and you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into an adult fairy tale. The quirky nature of this bar makes it one of a kind, and you’ll have a ball wandering throughout this gorgeous bar. When you want to cuddle up with your special someone, Nest at the Fenix Hotel is one of the coziest options, with wooden walkways leading to private cabanas for a little more privacy. Finally, you can’t go past Smalls, a darkly lit bar that’s reminiscent of the New York jazz clubs, with satin padded walls, regal velvet and gold chairs, and a small rooftop space that is the perfect chilled out space for a drink or two.

Dining in the capital

Last on the list is dining in Bangkok, and there is no shortage of hidden gems to glamorous restaurants in the sky for a romantic evening. Follow the Chao Phraya River at night on an antique, and fully restored river barge for the Manohra Dining Cruise, and enjoy their open air dining under the stars. The best French restaurant in the city is arguably to classic, Le Normandie in the Mandarin Oriental, where you can also soak up the ambience of the riverside views. If only the very best will do try Nahm at Bangkok’s Metropolitan Hotel, famous as their London branch was the first ever recipient of a Michelin star for Thai cuisine, or spend an evening in pure luxury at Sirocco in Bangkok’s State Tower, the world’s highest all open-air restaurant.

Bangkok is certainly a place that will help you fall helplessly in love, and there’s plenty for you to do with your sweetheart while you enjoy your time here.