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Moving Check List

As early as possible:

  • Start learning about your new location. The people, the culture, the city.
  • Check your passport is up-to date (and renew it if it’s not!)
  • Start thinking about your furniture. Which items do you store, sell, or plan to bring?
  • Talk to one of our relocation specialists, to get detailed advice on insurance, shipping and any location specific requirements you need to do for immigration.

Six weeks before the move:

  • Confirm your travel arrangements and flight details.
  • Organise temporary accommodation for the first month you arrive.
  • Get any vaccinations up to date for yourself, your children or your pets. You may need something unique depending on the country you are moving to.
  • Check to see if your health care provider will cover you abroad, if not take out a new policy.

A month before moving:

  • Get an international driving permit if you need to drive a car abroad.
  • Arrange any insurance to cover the move of your belongings.
  • Cancel any memberships or subscriptions (fitness, phone, cable TV).
  • Arrange to have your mail redirected.
  • Make sure all of your finances in order, and close unnecessary accounts.

Two weeks before moving:

  • Organise your utility meters (gas/water/electricity) to be read on the day of your move.
  • Notify your bank of your new address (or country), so that your bank and credit cards will work when you arrive.
  • Make sure your removalist confirms the moving day, and it fits with all other plans.
  • Get all of your important documents together (birth and marriage certificates, bank statements), and have copies in a safe place.
  • Get any foreign currency you need on arrival.

1-2 days before moving:

  • Pack the items you will take with you. Clothes, travel documents, passports, currency, medicine and toiletries.
  • Eat anything that’s remaining in your fridge and defrost both your fridge and freezer.

Moving day:

  • Check that there is nothing left in any of the wardrobes, cupboards, loft, basement, or drawers before the removal vehicle leaves.
  • Turn off the power and the water supply, lock up your home and return the keys to the real estate agent
  • Relax, jump on a plane and enjoy the flight to Thailand!
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