On an airline, there are many different rules and restrictions for taking your pets on board. In general, there are three ways your pets can travel, in the cabin, in the hold (without you actually being there to accompany the animal) or on a separate flight.

For pets travelling in the cabin there are very strict rules, regarding both the travel kennel you are using, the size of your pet and any airline specific restrictions. In Europe it is more common that pets can travel in the cabin, in Asia it is not common at all. Most airlines here do not allow pets to travel in the cabin, and will only transport your pet in the cargo hold – but don’t worry! The cargo hold is heated and kept under normal pressure so your pet has a great flight.

There are two main ways your pet can travel on an airline

  1. In the cargo area: You purchase a ticket for your pet and they accompany you on the same flight, just in a separate section for cargo.
  2. As an unaccompanied pet: Your pet travels by itself in the cargo area

The rules for bringing your pet on an aircraft are many, in addition to the travel documents you need to bring your pet into another country. If you’re planning to bring your pet on a flight, be sure to contact the airline well in advance. There are usually restrictions on how many pets can be on each flight, so plan to book your flights at least 3 months in advance.